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    When Shiv Parvati Image were about to get married, a big beautiful incident happened. Never before had such a marriage taken place. Shiva - the unique and divine god in the world - was about to make another creature a part of his life.

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    His wedding was attended by the biggest and the smallest. Generally, where the deities used to go, the asuras refused to go, and where the asuras went, the deities did not go there.

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    This story is not of one birth. Shiv Parvati Photo wife even in her previous birth, then her name was Sati and she was the daughter of Prajapati Daksha.

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    Satya, the majestic king, deliberately insulted his son-in-law Shiva, causing Sati to jump into Havanakund after being hurt.

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    In the disconnection of Sati, Shiva filled the sense of repentance and he became absorbed in penance.

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    On the other hand, to regain Shiva, Sati became a Parvati and took birth in the Himalayas. When the gods sent Shiva to distract them, then Shiva consumed them.

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    But Maa Parvati Lord Shiva pics continued to meditate to obtain Shiva. Ultimately, Baba Bholenath had to melt and he rode Nandi and brought a procession on his naked body with great pride.

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    In the appearance of the Baramati, there were many games that dance and sing. From all the animals and birds of the world to the insects and Mahakal, this procession was represented.

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    After all, that was the marriage of Shiva, the god of all animals, Pashupatinath. After marrying shiv parvati pic went on Kailash with him and thus a happy ending of a love story going on for two births.

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    Baba Bholenath aur Ma Parvati pic

    Bholenath and maa Parvati were married on Mahashivratri. At first, the mother tried to convince Parvati that her life would not be easy with an ascetic. However, seeing Parvati's mother's hard penance and stubbornness

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    Bholenath said yes to the marriage. Mahadev Bhasma wrapped and sat in the pavilion and the marriage was concluded in the presence of all the people.

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    Maa Parvati was keen on marrying Lord Shiva wallpapers. All the gods were also of the opinion that Parvati, the mountain king, should be married to Shiva. The Gods sent Kandarp to help Parvati.

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    But Shiva consumed him with his third eye. Now Parvati had decided to marry Bholenath only. Mata Parvati started very harsh penance to make Shiva her bridesmaid.

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    His austerity caused chaos everywhere. The foundation of big mountains began to stagger. Seeing this, Bhole Baba opened his eyes and called upon Parvati to marry a rich prince. Shiva also emphasized that it is not easy to live with an ascetic.