Cute Krishna Janmashtami images, this day also known as Janmashtami. This is one of biggest divine full festival of Hinduism.This festival is celebrated on the day of birth of lord shri Krishna. Lord Shri Krishna is the eighth avatar(incarnation) of Lord Vishnu . In Hinduism luni-solar calendar eighth day (also Ashtami) of the shri Krishna Paksha in the month of Savana of the Hinduism Calendar, in the English month August and September. This is most important fest particularly for Vaishnavism tradition of Hinduism. On this day peoples dance, devotional singing through the midnight, fasting (upavasa), worship to lord Krishna till the midnight, a night vigil (jagarana). It is said that on this day at midnight lord Shri Krishna born. The story of Shri Krishna's birth day is also called Krishna janamashtmi pics. In this page you find Krishna janmashtami images .

krishna has a deep meaning. Devaki is the symbol of the body in this story and Vasudev Jeevan Shakti means Prana. When the body is in prana, then happiness is the birth of Shri Krishna. But the ego (bracket) tries to eliminate pleasure. Here Brahmins of Devaki show that ego also exists in the body along with the body. A happy and well-intentioned person never raises problems for anybody, but the unhappy and emotionally injured person often injures others or creates obstacles in their way. The person who feels that injustice is done to him, he behaves unjustly with others because of his arrogance. The biggest enemy of ego is happiness. Where there are happiness and love, the ego cannot stand there, it has to bow down. you can find all gods on

In a very high position in a society, the person sitting in a very high position also has to bow down in front of his little child.

When a child is ill, then how strong a person is, it seems to be a little helpless. When confronted with love, simplicity, and happiness, ego starts to disappear easily. Shri Krishna is the symbol of Anand, the essence of simplicity and the source of love. Putting Devaki and Vasudev under the bracket is an indicator of the fact that when the ego increases then the body becomes like a prison. When Shri Krishna was born, the guards of the jail had slept. Here the watchmen are the senses that are protecting the ego because when it awakens, it becomes an extrovert. When these senses are introverted then internal happiness arises within us. and click here to find krishna images.

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    The story of Janmashtami is such that when the darkness on the earth started in Dwapar Yuga, gods requested Shri Narayan. He promised that he would take another avatar and this is where the story of the incarnation of Shri Krishna begins.

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    In the Rohini Nakshatra on the midnight of Bhado, Lord Shri Krishna was born in the conch, chakra, mas. Seeing this Leela of Narayan, Devaki and Vasudev were overwhelmed. After that, Shri Krishna gave instructions to Vasudev and came in child form.

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    After this amazing events took place in Kargar. Vasudev's handcuffs opened. All the doors were asleep. Vasudev picked up Krishna and walked towards Vrindavan.The Yamuna used to be on the way. That too Bhado's booming Yamuna. While Vasudev was crossing the Yamuna, Mother Yamuna rose to touch the feet of Krishna.

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    The Yamuna would go up as much as Vasudev lifted the basket. There came a time when the water level of Yamuna rose above Vasudev's head. After this, Shri Krishna hung his foot down and the Yamuna was bound to touch Charan.

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    Early in the middle of the night, Vasudev Maharaj reached Nanda's house and picked up his newborn girl and placed Krishna in his place and returned. After coming back, the whole scene of the prison is again like before. His handcuffs took place. The guards woke up.