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    Goddess Durga is a divine female god of Hindu deities. She is most worshipped goddess Maa Durga Images in Hindu religion. Hindu deities referred her as “Maa Durga”. Goddess Durga is known for killing Mahishasur

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    maa durga wallpapers has taken many incarnations to destroy the atrocities committed. Shakti Mata had embraced Durga to kill Asur Mahishasur. According to a religious legend, Mahishasur had taken away from the gods and goddesses with their might and power. Then all the gods went to meet Vishnu and lord shiva images seeking help from God. Knowing the whole thing Lord Vishnu images and Bhagwan Shankar got angry. download durga puja or navratri special image of maa durga.

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    Maa Durga photos equipped with weapons, did a fierce battle with Asura Mahishasur and defeated him and killed him. After that, Goddess Durga handed over Swargalok to the Gods. Following the abduction of the powerful Asura Mahishasur, Durga Mahishasurmardini became famous. maa durga killing demon mahisasur image download free.

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    When Lord Rama was cutting his exile with his Bharara Sita and Bhai Laxman, then the monster King Ravana of Lanka Nagar had defeated Goddess Sita with treachery and took him captive and forcibly took him to Lanka town across the sea. To free the mother Sita, Shri Ram Laxman, Lord Hanuman, Jambwan, Vibhishan and his friend Sugriva and his army had reached the beach so that the Goddess Sita could be freed by crossing the sea and fighting Ravana.

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    Pooja of maa Durga pics has special significance. Mother destroying sinners also keep compassion for their devotees. Devotees wish for happiness and prosperity in their lives by worshiping Goddess Durga photos, keeping their fast. Prasad is distributed among devotees by worshiping Mother in different areas of the country on the holy day of Durgashmi.

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One day in the joke, Lord Shiva called Maa Parvati as black, this thing, Parvati seemed so bad that she gave up Kailash and left the forest. By going to the forest, he took a lot of penance. During this difficult austerity, one hungry lion came to the intent of feeding them. But seeing the lunar mother Parvati in austerity, that lion miraculously stopped there and she sat in front of the mother Parvati. And he kept looking at them. Read story of maa durga hd pics and about her birth how she killed demon mahisashur and saved this universe from evils read in details click here