Shankar Bhagwan

shankar bhagwan

ॐ नम: शिवाय

Shankar Bhagwan is one of the most important deities in Hinduism. He is a god in the Trinity. They are also called the God of gods. They are also known as Bholenath, Shankar, Mahesh, Rudra, Nilkanth, Gangadhar and Mahadev. It is also known as Bhairav. Hinduism is one of the principal deities of religion. His name is Rudra in the Vedas. It is the interpersonal of the person consciousness. His Ardhangini (Shakti) name is Parvati. Their son is Kartikeya and Ganesh, and the daughter is Ashok Sundari. Shankar is seen as a yogi in most of the pictures and he is worshiped in both forms of Shivling and Murti. Snake god is bound in Shankar's neck and Damru and Trishul are in the hands. He lives in Kailash Mountain. This is the basis of Shaivism. In this opinion, power with Shankar is worshiped in all forms.

Lord Shankar is said to be the god of the slaughter. Lord Shankar is known for both gentle form and rudraksh. Shankar is considered different from other deities. The origin of the creation, status and destruction of the universe is Shankar. In the Trinity, Lord Shankar is believed to be the god of the slaughter. Shankar is the progenitor of eternal and creation process and this period is the basis of astrology. Though Shankar has been interpreted as welfare, he has always been subjected to both rhythm and catastrophe.

Shankar form sun

Shankar uplifts the entire creation with his form. In the same form, God has kept all the planets together with the power of his oz and heat. This form of God is considered very welfare because the basis of the whole creation is sustained on this pattern I am the sun (Shankar) your father and Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars are my delusion and your mother. Has Sun and Earth ever distinguished any soul and spirit? Love affection is my religion and this is what you expect from me.

Shankar Ji In the history of the Earth, from Satyug to Kalyug, the only human body is like that on which there is light on the frontal. By living the same way, God has given knowledge of the Vedas to mankind, which has proved to be very welfare for mankind. Through the same pattern of divine Lord Shankar, the human body gets the knowledge of becoming a Rudra from Shankar.

The harmony of the conflicting values in Shankar is found. Shankar has the moon on one side and Mahavishad snake on the other side is also the defeat of his throat. They are also working as an Ardhanarishwar. Despite being a householder, there are cremation grounds. Being, Ashutosh is also a serious Rudra. The Shankar family too is not untouched by it. In his family, it is possible to see the equation of ghosts, Nandi, lions, snakes, peacocks and all the people. They are themselves aware of the great idea of coexistence without duality. Shankarratri is the great honor of such Mahakal Shankar worship.

The worship of Shivratri should be done all around the night. Shankar is very dear to the goddess of wealth, flowers of Dhatura, Prasad. And for their worship, milk, curd, ghee, sugar, honey, these five nectar which is called panchtantra. Use them in worship. After bathing with panchtantra, wear perfume after wearing Janeoo. In the end, offer the cannabis! The trident of Shankar Bhagwan and the sound of Damru are related to the Guru. When the moon is pleased with the grandfather Mahamrityunjaya Mantra in his ancestry by sitting on his head, the Buddha brothers become supportive in the equality. Mahamrityunjaya mantra is the Mahamantra of is the worship.

Lord Shankar God is the basic reason and doer of this creation. According to the Puranas, they have taken up the task of creation, operation and destruction of the universe in Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. He is also considered the first guru of the world who gave knowledge of Yoga, Tantra, Mantra and other genres for the welfare of humankind. Shankar Purana has been told about some of Mahadev such things which are completely considered to be hidden and nobody knows. You also know what these special things are.

How Lord Shankar was born (THE SECRET OF LORD SHANKAR BIRTH)

Nothing has been written about the birth of Lord Shankar in any Ved or Book. It is said about Lord Shankar is Nirankara There is no form. People who call God. They all are the same their form is not like a person The size of Shankar is beyond the limits of words and knowledge. Shankar is just a point! When Lord Shankar thought that this world should be created! Then he gave birth to Lord Vishnu and Brahma ji was born from the navel of Vishnu God. But when both were born. Then they did not even know that how they said and how they came Both were very powerful! There was a debate between the two at the point where the angle is more powerful or the angle is bigger. They both fought together. this war lasted nearly 10 thousand years!

What is the secret of Shivling (WHAT IS THE MYSTERY OF SHIVLING)


Then Lord Shankar came into the middle of them as a huge stone Out of which a very powerful flame was coming out. Then there was an airway, whatever will start or end this gender, it will be big. Lord Vishnu went down and Brahma ji up. Both of them continued to search for many years but they did not get the start of that shivling nor the end.Lord Vishnu came back and said - O great lord, there is no end to it I am sorry It was my ignorance that in itself was the most powerful assumption To Brahma Ji.