Maa or goddess Kali pics is known for killing demon Raktabija. Who was the leader of demon army. They threatened the world. Killed many people. Maa Kali took avatar on the earth to kill Raktabija and remove his darkness from the world.

Once there was a demon named Raktabija and also there were huge demons army of this Raktabija asur(demon). They destroyed many things and killed many people. The universe was really threatened by these demons. Raktabija was the head of them. By doing worships of Lord Brahma, Raktabija got boon from him that Raktabija’s power will be increase thousand when a drop of his blood was spilled every time.

Maa Kali is most worshipped and most powerful female goddess in Hinduism. She presented vikral roop against demons even lord Shiva also once feared when she was taking battle with demon army.

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    Goddess Kali is a divine female goddess of Hindu Gods. She is most worshipped goddess Maa Kali Images in Hindu religion. Hindu deities referred her as “Maa Kali”. Goddess Kali is known for killing Raktabija

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    Mahakali is one of the ten greats of Goddess Durga. Whose dark and scary form was to destroy the monsters? It is the only strength from which the Self also fears time. His anger takes such a frenetic form that even after getting the powers of the whole world, his anger cannot be overcome.

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    In order to stop his anger, hes husband bhagwan Shankar himself came and lay on his feet. In this regard, a narrative in the scriptures is described as follows:

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    The monster bloodbath had found a clue on the strength of the harsh tenacity that if a drop of his blood falls on the earth, then many giants will arise. He started using his powers on innocent people. Gradually he scoffed at his terror on three worlds.

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    . The gods defied him for the war. The fierce battle started. God was ready to destroy his bloodbath by putting his full power, but as soon as one drop of his body falling on the ground; a drop of blood caused many bloodbirds to grow.

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    All the gods went to Mahakali's shelter together. Maa Kali is a black and scary form of beautiful form of maa Durga images, which was originally intended to kill the demons. Mahakali entered the war land by wearing a formidable form of protection for the gods.

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    Seeing the statue of maa Kali, it can be seen that she is a distraught maa. Whose hand is khapar, blood is dripping, there is a necklace of skulls, but the maa's eyes and hearts flow from the Ganga of love for her devotees.

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    Mahakali started to kill the demons, but if one drop of blood of blood falls on the ground then many demons were born from it, which increased the number of monks in the battle land. Then the maa spread her tongue. Instead of falling to the ground, a drop of demons started falling on their tongue instead of falling to the ground.

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    She used to stack the corpses and drink their blood. In this way, Mahakali killed blood bills, but by then, Maha kali's anger was so vicious that it was necessary to calm him, but everyone was afraid of going near her.

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    All the gods went to Lord Shiva and started praying to pacify Maha kali images. Lord Shiva tried to calm them down in a lot of ways when all attempts failed, they lay in their path. When his feet fell on Lord Shiva, he was completely frustrated. His anger became silent. Various forms of Durga etc. are described in the Marakanday Purana.

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    maa Durga is a vivid form and it is a matter of fact that the maa had this form to destroy the evil. There are many stories prevailing in this scripture for holding this form of maa and their discussion is also there.

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    Lord Brahma once enjoyed the Asura of Brahma. With the boon given by them, he started giving up the Gods and Brahmins as the fire of the catastrophe. He closed all religious rituals and established his kingdom in heaven.

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    All Gods and Vishnu reached Dham. Brahma Ji told that this wicked person will be killed only by the woman. Then all the Gods, including Brahma, Vishnu, Lord krishna Images went on to fight against evil spirits. But the monster was very powerful, he defeated them and defeated them all.

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    All Gods including Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu images, reached the Kailash mountain of Lord Shiva and drove them to demonic liquor. Lord Shiva looked at his wife Parvati and heard her talk and said, "I pray to you for the welfare of the Kalyani world and for the slaughter of the evil spirits." The maa Parvati smiled and listened her part to Lord Shiva. Those who did not see Lord Deva and Brahma from the goddess of maa Bhagwati, saw the Goddess sitting near Shiva.

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    That portion of maa Bhagwati entered Lord Shiva's body and started to wear its shape by the poison located in his throat. With the effect of toxin, it turned into the black character. Lord Shiva opened his third eye while feeling that part of his inner self.

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    His eyes reflected black-eyed maa with a horribly dark-colored maa. maa Kali's was the Red third eye and moon line. In the throat, there was a sign of poison and it was decorated with the trident and various types of ornaments and garments in hand.

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    Deities and the Siddhas are running away, seeing the terrible and huge form of maa Kali Photo. All the armed forces were burnt to death, including the mercenary of Hoonar from maa Kali only. The whole people started burning from the flames of the maa's anger. Seeing the world burning with anger, Lord Shiva took the form of a child.

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    Shiva reached the crematorium and started crying down there. When maa Kali images saw the child, she was fascinated by that form. With vaastya bhav, he started Shiva with his heart and started feeding him with his breasts. Lord Shiva images also consumed milk with his anger.
    Shiva became unconscious due to the burning of maa Kali wallpaper's anger. To bring the goddess to the senses, Shiva performed Lord Shiva Thandava. When Kali came to consciousness when she saw Shiva dance, she also started to dance, due to which she was also called Yogini.