Sai Baba Aarti In Hindi

Sai Baba Aarti In Hindi

Sai Baba Aarti

Sai Baba of Shirdi was an Indian religious teacher, whom he also called his devotee saint, Fakir, and Satguru. Both his Hindu and Muslim devotees worshiped him, and even after his death, people of both Hindu and Muslim communities worshiped him. Sai Baba has no prestige in any one society. They had dedicated themselves to a true Sadhguru, people considered them to be the incarnation of God.

People also know Sai Baba images at the global level. He had no attachment to mortal things and his main purpose was to give himself a sense of self. They used to teach love, mercy, help, social welfare, satisfaction, inner peace and devotion to God and the lessons of the Guru. He also forbade people to discriminate religiously. Both the Hindus and Muslims used to teach the religion of Hinduism and Muslims, they named their native mosque as Hindu name Dwarkamai, in which both Hindus and Muslims worshiped Saibaba together. A famous Sai baba quoted --

"Everyone's master is one"
Sbka Malik ek Hai

Sai Baba Aarti in hindi

आरती श्री साईं गुरुवर की |
परमानन्द सदा सुरवर की || 1 ||

जा की कृपा विपुल सुखकारी |
दुःख, शोक, संकट, भयहारी || 2 ||

शिरडी में अवतार रचाया |
चमत्कार से तत्व दिखाया || 3 ||

कितने भक्त चरण पर आये |
वे सुख शान्ति चिरंतन पाये || 4 ||

भाव धरै जो मन में जैसा |
पावत अनुभव वो ही वैसा || 5 ||

गुरु की उदी लगावे तन को |
समाधान लाभत उस मन को || 6 ||

साईं नाम सदा जो गावे |
सो फल जग में शाश्वत पावे || 7 ||

गुरुवासर करि पूजा - सेवा |
उस पर कृपा करत गुरुदेवा || 8 ||

राम, कृष्ण, हनुमान रूप में |
दे दर्शन, जानत जो मन में || 9 ||

विविध धर्म के सेवक आते |
दर्शन कर इच्छित फल पाते || 10 ||

जै बोलो साईं बाबा की |
जो बोलो अवधूत गुरु की || 11 ||

'साईंदास' आरती को गावे |
घर में बसि सुख, मंगल पावे || 12 ||

That is Sai baba ki aarti. Those Hindus and Muslims who belonged to both religions, they also used to say, "I will get the answer to your prayer more and more." Along with that, he always used the word "Allahmallik". None of the names and birth names of Sai baba has been known to date. Some people believe that he was born on 28 September 1835, but there is not enough documentation related to this. Often when he was asked about his past, he always used to give the wrong answers. Read Here Puttaparthi Sai Baba Temple