Shri Mahakaleshwar is the main Jyotirlinga in the 12 Jyotirlinga of Lord Shiva located in different parts of the country. He is called one of the Dwadash Jyotirlingas.

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    With the philosophy, worship, and worship of this Jyotirlinga, all sins of the birth and birth of the devotees are eradicated. They become eligible for the grace of Lord Shiva.

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    This supreme sacred Jyotirlinga is in Ujjain city of Madhya Pradesh. Punyasilila, situated on the banks of the Kshipra River, Ujjain was famous as Ujjayini in ancient times, it was also called Avantikapuri. It is one of the most sacred Saptapuris of India.

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    The glory of Mahakal Photo HD. Mahakaleshwar Jyothirlinga is described in full detail in the Mahabharata, Shivpuran, and Skandpuran.

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    The story of this Jyotirlinga is described in the Puranas as follows - In ancient times, King Chandrasen ruled in Ujjayini. He was a supreme Lord Shiva Images-devotee. One day a five-year-old cow-boy named Shrikar was passing by with his mother.

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    He was very astonished and bewildered upon seeing the king's Shivpujan. He became eager to worship Shiv with the same type of materials. When he could not find the material, he picked up a piece of stone from the path.

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    When he came home and installed the same stone in the form of Shiva, he started worshiping it with flowers, sandalwood, etc. Mother came to call for food, but she was not prepared in any way to leave Puja.

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    In the end, jai Mata di fretted and threw the piece of stone and threw it away. Unhappy with this, that child started crying loudly to Lord Shiva and eventually wept unconsciously crying.

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    Seeing this devotion and love of the child towards himself, Lord Shiva was very pleased. As soon as the child came to his senses and opened his eyes, he saw that in front of him stands a very grand and immense temple made of gold and gems.

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    Inside that temple stands a very luminous, phosphor, stunning flame. The child was overwhelmed with happiness and joy and started praising Lord Shiva. When mother got this news, she ran and hugged her beloved Lal. King Chandrasen also reached there and appreciated the devotion and accomplishment of that child.

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    Gradually a large crowd gathered there. In this way, lord Hanuman images appeared at that place. He said, "Humans! Lord Shankar is the first among the deities to give quick results.

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    Pleased with the devotion of this child, he has given it such a fruit, which even the great sages and monks are unable to achieve through the penance of millions of births.The godless Nandagop will be born in the eighth generation of this cow-boy.s

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    In Dwaparyug, Lord Vishnu images will take lord Krishna images Lavatara and play different forms in his place. Hanuman Ji became angry after saying so. While worshiping Lord Shiva by the rule at that place Srikar Gop and King Chandrasen finally went to Shivdham.

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    A second story about this Jyotirlinga is said in this way- Vedpathi Taponistha was an extremely bright Brahmin in Avantikapuri. One day a tyrannical asura named Dushan came there to disturb his austerities. He had become very powerful after receiving the groom from Brahma.

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    Seeing the Brahmin in distress, Lord Shankar, who was the welfare of the creature, appeared there. He incinerated the Darun tyrannical demon by burning it with just a hunk. God appeared there with a shout, that's why his name became Mahakal Images. That is why the Supreme Holy Jyotirlinga is known as ‘Mahakal pics’.